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Fully personalized products for identification, branding, and promotion. Very fast.

Sustainable wooden and biodegradable printed products

Over half a million lanyards in stock for your event


Products available with full customization in printing


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Most popular products right now

These products are most needed by our customers right now, so be prepared to compete for the fastest delivery times

Recycled RPET Lanyards
Recycled RPET Lanyards

Recycled plastic bottles turn into custom-printed conference lanyards

Recycled RPET lanyards
Biodegradable Badges
Biodegradable Badges

Biodegradable Conference Badges, Badge Holders and Customized Event Badges

Printed Conference Badges
Remove Before Flight
Remove Before Flight tags

Extremely popular hit product as a give-away, Remove Before Flight keychains

Remove Before Flight keychains
Tube Scarfs
Tube Scarfs

Custom printed tube scarves and neck tubes with full-color print

Custom Printed Tube Scarves
Upcycled Woven Socks
Upcycled Woven Socks

Promotional Socks with Your Custom Logo Woven Into a Pattern

Custom Logo Socks
Sports Reel with Logo
Sports Reel with Logo

Use it as a keychain, or an ID card holder, fast turnaround with logo

Printed Badge Reels