Custom Logo Socks

Get Custom Socks with Logo from only 50 pairs!

Woven socks with custom logo, custom socks packaging
Custom Logo Socks with printed logo
Customized socks with your own design
Custom Logo Socks with printed logo
Custom woven logo socks

Weaving custom logo socks from dyed yarn, we can recreate your logo on a sock in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Unlike printing, yarn will remain the same forever without fading, providing a great way to showcase your logo.

One of the more distinctive features of weaving, in comparison to printing, is in the details that cannot be achieved by weaving. While printing can create a more intricate design, weaving produces a simplified version of a graphic. Therefore your logo might be simpler, with fewer details than you could expect from a printed product.

Multiple sizes in a single order

As our minimum order is just 50 pairs of custom logo socks, the initial investment in buying custom-made socks is relatively low. The amount of work to set up weaving patterns is always fixed, no matter how many socks you order. Each size needs its own pattern, too, increasing the amount of set-up work before any socks are weaved.

For this reason, the minimum split you can do with us is set at 50 pairs. This means you get a new size for every 50 socks ordered. For 100 socks, you can divide the order into two sizes; for 150 socks, three sizes are available, and so on. The quantity of each size is up to you. To get the best price for your custom socks, you should always look at the next breaking point for the best unit price.

Packaging options that help you sell

We have chosen carefully selected packaging options for you to choose from. Depending on whether you want to sell the socks or hand them out as a gift, we have perfect packaging options for every purpose.

With our retail packaging for your custom weaved logo socks, your custom sock stock will fly out the door.

Standard production outside of sock season is two to three weeks, during season up to four weeks.

You can use our great templates found right below the price list, or let us help you design the socks for you. Once you approve a digital proof of your custom branded weaved or customized logo socks, we will proceed to production, which takes approximately two weeks. A physical sample or a photo sample may be required if your design is very complicated or rigorous brand requirements are placed with the order.

For delivery options, see Shipping Charges.

Classic Express during socks season

Minimum order is 100 pairs. For every new 100 pairs you'll get a new size, divided inside the order freely. Only packaging model B. Production estimate approximately three weeks.

Custom Branded Socks with Logo - Price List

The price always includes custom weaving patterns with color dyed yarn. This is not a printed product.

Product Features 50 pcs 100 pcs 200 pcs 500+ pcs
Classic Crew Cut
Most popular type
Weaving in 2-5 colors
Material: 80% Cotton,
15% Polyamide, 5% Elastane
Bulk packaging*
8,43 € 6,63 € 5,39 €
Sport Socks
Tight fitting leg
9,50 € 7,79 € 6,25 €
Terry Sport Socks
Terry sole in sports socks
9,94 € 8,30 € 6,76 €
Ankle Socks
or invisible leg/cuff
7,16 € 5,23 € 4,99 €

Standard production time is approximately three to four weeks outside the Socks Season. Price per pair. Information on Shipping Charges, Sales Tax, and Payment Methods is available here.

Size chart

Use this table as a reference when selecting sizes to order. Note the minimum distribution and order quantity. Upcycled socks are available with a limited size and color chart.

  Youth Youth & Women Women Women & Men Men
Euro sizes 31-34 35-37 38-40 41-43 44-46
Euro lengths 19,5-21,5 22-24 24,5-26 26,5-27,5 28,5-30
Upcycled sizes - 36-39 40-46 46-49
US sizes 2-4.5 5-6.5 7.5-9 9.5-10.5 11-12
US lengths 7.5"-8.7" 8.9"-9.4" 9.8"-10.3" 10.4"-10.8" 11.1"-11.6"
Optional products and services
Additional colors
If more than 5 colors (up to 15)
0,20 €/pair
Printed cardboard packaging
All models, see pictures below
0,38 €/pair
Min.100 pcs
Printed cardboard + label
Same as above + personalized label (barcode etc)
0,45 €/pair
Different left and right sock
Requires second Set-Up Charge
0,38 €/pair
Welted soles for Sports Socks
Tighter fitting sole
0,39 €/pair
Brake Socks (minimum 250 pairs/size)
Multiple patterns available
0,47 €/pair
Bag with Printed Label
Clear OPP-bag with label
0,38 €/pair
Packaging in OPP-bags For free
Sock length options and models

The length of the sock is affected by the model. Click on a picture to see the model specification.

Packaging Options

Packaging options for customized woven promotional socks

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