Customized Fabric Patches

Woven or embroidered fabric labels with custom design

Woven Remove Before Flight keychain
Woven textile labels with custom logo print
Woven textile labels with custom logo print
Woven fabric badges

The most common manufacturing method for fabric patches is a woven fabric badge. In woven fabric tags, all color areas are at the same level, and the entire patch is made to order at the same time. A woven fabric patch is more preferred than an embroidered fabric badge. In weaving, the use of Pantone® shades in the color specification is preferred. With Pantone matching, we can reproduce a logo or a branding as close to specification as is technically possible.

Embroidered fabric patch

A more expensive way to weave is to embroider fabric tags. With embroidered badges, a stock base color is used, and the design is embroidered on top of that. The embroidery is created on top of a fabric patch, and the embroidered areas are raised on the surface of the patch. There is a vast range of embroidery threads; however, these are not available in Pantone® shades but only in the nearest shade.

Printed fabric badge

Fabric patches can be made by sublimation printing, a printing method that is always in full color. The number of colors in the sublimation print is unlimited so that a photo can be printed on the fabric badge.

The shape and border of the fabric patches

All fabric patches can be made in the desired shape. If you want a merrow border to complete a neat border finished with thread, it restricts the appearance of the fabric badge.

For example, bending very steep corners inwards cannot be made with a merrow border. Printed fabric patches without edge trim can be laser cut, allowing almost any shape.

Remove Before Flight Keychains

You can find the top-rated Remove Before Flight keychains here. To order a keychain with a fabric patch, check the desired model in the Price List and submit your logo to us. The Remove Before Flight keychain can have varying text on each side of the patch, like the well-known “Remove Before Flight” text that hangs in huge patches underneath airplanes while the planes are waiting at the airport.

The selection also includes a sublimation-printed Remove Before Flight keychain with a black border and a double-sided full-color print, which we can manufacture in just four to five days.

Production time and minimum order

The standard production time for fabric patches is about three weeks. The printed stock-quality fabric patches have a heat press adhesive surface on the back, so they are easy to attach to clothes even without sewing. The minimum order for all woven patches is 100 pcs.

Woven Fabric Patches - Price List

The price always includes custom weaving pattern, even in a custom shape up to the size indicated in the price list.

Product Features Colors 100 pcs 200 pcs 300 pcs 400+ pcs
Round ø1.5" or 40mm,
ø2" or 50mm, ø2.4" or 60mm
Square 1.5" or 40x40mm,
2" or 50x50mm
Woven fabric patch

See Optional Products
for embroidered or printed
2-4 colors 0,97 € 0,80 € 0,74 €
5-8 colors 1,49 € 1,32 € 1,20 €
9-12 colors 2,28 € 2,01 € 1,93 €
Round ø2.75" or 70mm,
ø3.15" or 80mm
Square 2.75" or 70x70mm,
3.15" or 80x80mm,
4x2" or 100x50mm
2-4 colors 1,40 € 1,23 € 1,20 €
5-8 colors 1,84 € 1,75 € 1,71 €
9-12 colors 2,62 € 2,53 € 2,50 €
Round ø3.5" or 90mm,
ø4" or 100mm
Square 3.5" or 90x90mm,
4" or 100x100mm
2-4 colors 1,67 € 1,49 € 1,47 €
5-8 colors 2,19 € 2,10 € 2,03 €
9-12 colors 2,88 € 2,79 € 2,74 €

Standard production time is approximately three weeks from the approval of digital proof. Information on Shipping Charges, Sales Tax, and Payment Methods is available here.

Optional products and services
Heat transfer glue backing
Iron-on backing for woven label
0,12 €
Velcro backing
Velcro (male or female)
0,22 €
Velcro backing, both sides
Velcro (male and female)
0,33 €
Metallic yarn
Add-on charge, woven or embroidery
+ 15 %
Embroidery instead of weaving
Additional charge on the price list
+ 50 %
Printed patch
Added on 2-4 color woven patch prices
+ 30 %
Individually packaged
Clear OPP bag
0,20 €
Printed rush production 1-2 weeks
Underlined sizes in price table, black merrow border
+ 30 %
Set-up Charges
Set-up Charge
Woven or embroidered tags
25,00 €
Sublimation printing set-up charge
Full-color printing is a standard
25,00 €

Repeat order set up charges at 50% from standard pricing

Artwork instructions
Not yet available for this product
You should also check out the General Artwork Instructions
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