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Our Terms and Conditions

Updated on 04/04/2024

Pinpops Ltd
General Terms and Conditions of sale

1. General - Application of the Terms of Contract

The following Pinpops Ltd Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") shall apply to each and every transaction between Pinpops Ltd and its Customers. The terms of the agreement also apply to all future transactions, without any separate agreement on the application of the terms. Terms that are not in accordance with the terms of the agreement or those of our Customers that are different from our terms and conditions will not apply unless Pinpops Ltd expressly approves it prior to the conclusion of the agreement, in which case they will only apply to the individual agreement in question. The terms and conditions of Pinpops Ltd shall also apply in the event that Pinpops Ltd or its representative has unconditionally accepted the transaction in the knowledge of the Customer's own terms and conditions that are contrary to our Terms or Conditions.

2. Communication with the Customer

The Customer must state at the latest when placing the order the e-mail address which he / she must ensure from the beginning to the end of the order. In particular, the Customer must verify the spam filter settings in order to receive all possible emails sent by Pinpops Ltd. This email address is also valid for any future Customer orders, unless otherwise changed.

Pinpops Ltd is authorized, but not obligated, to send messages, including those of special importance to the cooperation agreement, by other means than e-mail. The Customer may not require communication primarily by telephone, letter or other alternative means (eg SMS). The Customer may not plead ignorance if he / she does not receive messages via the primary means of communication by email due to the fact that such means of communication is unavailable when Pinpops Ltd has sent the message via email to the Customer as mentioned in the first paragraph.

Messages sent to Pinpops Ltd by email pursuant to paragraph 2 are presumed to have been received by the Customer after they have been sent to the Customer. Pinpops Ltd shall be liable for errors in the transmission of messages if it can be proved that the error occurred in Pinpops Ltd's transmission of messages. The Customer is authorized to send material proving that the reason for not receiving the message sent to him was not due to his own actions.

Pinpops Ltd is entitled, but not obligated, to prove to its Customer that its email address is completely missing, incorrect or incapable of receiving incoming messages as stated in section 2.

All quotations provided are in effect for 14 days from the date unless otherwise stated on the quote.

3. Order and Contract Conclusion

By submitting an order, the Customer offers Pinpops Ltd an agreement and agrees to Pinpops Ltd's current Terms and Conditions. Upon receipt of the order confirmation email from Pinpops Ltd, a binding agreement has been entered into on both sides. However, if the delivery address provided by the Customer differs from his or her own address, the contract is entered into with the Customer. If the Customer has made an order on behalf of a third party, the contract is concluded with a third party only in the event that the Customer has provided Pinpops Ltd, a power of attorney and Pinpops Ltd. has expressly confirmed their agreement with a third party. In all other cases, the delivery address, other than the Customer's own address, will have no legal effect on the conclusion of the contract. Pinpops Ltd has the right to refuse to accept orders and also to terminate contracts if the content of the printed material is clearly racist, ethically clear or otherwise unlawful.

4. Credit and personal information

The Customer agrees that Pinpops Ltd may review the Customer's credit information and process the Customer's personal information in accordance with applicable law to the extent that such processing is necessary for Pinpops Ltd's operations. The description of the file pursuant to § 10 of the Personal Data Act (523 / 22.4.1999) can be found here.

5. Prices and invoicing

The prices quoted by Pinpops Ltd do not include VAT. Existing VAT will be added to the prices unless the Customer is eligible for a VAT-exempt trade, for example in the European Union or in the United States. The above prices are provided provided that the order information provided by the Customer in the order is not changed after the contract is concluded. Any subsequent changes due to the Customer will be billed separately.

Pinpops Ltd sends invoices primarily using electronic invoicing. Billing by post or email is also possible. In exceptional cases, invoicing may also be pre-invoiced prior to order confirmation or to production. Payment of an invoice and proof of payment or authentication is a condition for the order to proceed to order confirmation or production.

By ordering, the Customer accepts the billing method. An invoice is not a prerequisite for the purchase price to mature.

6. Production Time and Delivery Time

The stated production times are purposeful. The production time starts after the order confirmation on the business day when all the information and materials needed for the print job have been received and, if the order is printed, the proof is also accepted by 11 am. If the Customer is required to make an advance payment, the order will not be processed until the receipt of the payment for the order has been received. In the event of delays in the receipt of the material, acceptance of the proof, or possible invoice, the corresponding production and delivery time will also be delayed.

Production time is given in working days or in full weeks. Normal production times do not include possible exceptions such as public holidays or holidays. The production time is always estimated for the Customer in connection with the order confirmation. If the Customer is aware of a specific due date or target date by which the ordered products must be received, that date or target date must be brought to the attention of Pinpops Ltd sales representative prior to order confirmation. Possible express delivery is an additional service. If the order confirmation has already been made, the production time cannot be made faster without additional costs and a new order confirmation with a faster delivery time will be required for the order.

The production time and delivery time have been complied with, if the goods have left our production within the promised production time, or if delivery is decisive, delivery readiness is indicated.

However, it is a condition that the deliveries of Pinpops Ltd's subcontractors have been correct and timely and that the Customer has fulfilled his obligation fully and on time. If Pinpops Ltd fails to comply with the agreed delivery time, the Customer must present to Pinpops Ltd a reasonable written deadline for the delivery. If the delivery is not made within the reasonable time stated by the Customer, the Customer shall be entitled to terminate the contract.

Pinpops Ltd shall not be liable for delays in deliveries or deliveries if such delay is due to force majeure beyond Pinpops Ltd's control (such as strike, lock-out, official orders, natural disasters, exceptionally bad weather and other similar unforeseeable events) and submission. This also applies if the obstacles in question affect Pinpops Ltd's subcontractors or their subcontractors. In such cases, Pinpops Ltd is entitled to postpone manufacture and / or delivery for the duration of the obstacle, including a reasonable start-up time. Pinpops Ltd may also terminate the contract in whole or in part. If it is impossible for Pinpops Ltd to perform the performance, it will be released from the performance. Pinpops Ltd shall immediately notify the Customer of the obstacle.

7. Transfer of responsibility

If the Customer is a trader, the responsibility for any damage or loss of the goods shall pass to the Customer when the goods have been handed over to the transport or shipment entity, but no later than when the goods leave production. This applies regardless of who pays for the delivery and also if the delivery is done by Pinpops Ltd's own staff. If the Customer is a trader and the delivery or receipt of the goods ready for delivery to the Customer is delayed due to reasons beyond the control of Pinpops Ltd, the risk shall pass to the Customer after he has been informed of the availability. If the Customer is a consumer, the responsibility for any damage or loss of the goods shall pass to the Customer at the time of delivery or at the time the delivery is delayed due to the Customer. At the Customer's request and at its expense, Pinpops Ltd may, if possible, take out a transport insurance policy for damage or loss of goods.

8. Weight and inspection obligation

Pinpops Ltd executes all printing orders solely and exclusively on the basis of printing information provided by the Customer. This information should be provided only in the format and with the definitions provided on our website. If the file formats or definitions differ from those given, correct printing is not guaranteed. The Customer is responsible for carefully verifying that the information provided is suitable for printing the product before submitting the files to Pinpops Ltd. As a rule, Pinpops Ltd does not check the suitability of the files for printing, but the Customer is solely responsible for any printing errors caused by the incorrect files.

Upon specific request of the Customer, Pinpops Ltd also prints other formats than stated within the technical capabilities of the material. Pinpops Ltd shall not be liable for errors resulting from the conversion of material into formats that Pinpops Ltd is able to process. You agree that any errors that may result from the modification are your responsibility. If the information is not provided in the required color profile, Pinpops Ltd will be able to change the information. When you change the color profiles or ICC colors of files, their original color changes. Such color change is the sole responsibility of the Customer. If the Customer submits information in a color profile other than that required, the Customer accepts that the change is at his sole risk.

Color changes due to printing reasons must be taken into consideration at the time of ordering. For example, sublimation printing, UV printing, solvent printing (including lens labels) and offset printing use the CMYK four-color process. It is never possible to reproduce Pantone® tones perfectly with CMYK colors. If the printing method of the product does not allow for a complete Pantone® color match, try to make the print as close to the desired color tone as possible. Differences of a few degrees are possible and such differences will not be accepted as a subject of complaint. If possible, the Customer will be informed about this, for example, in electronic proofing. If you accept the print and the print already states that the shade is close to the color you ordered, you accept a few degrees of difference.

Upon Customer's acceptance, printing of an electronic printout will be done in accordance with the features and contents stated in the printout. In the event of a Customer error, such as spelling errors, unrelated elements or content, which are attributable to the Customer, and which have already been presented in an electronic proof approved by the Customer, the Customer is solely responsible. Pinpops Ltd does not refund and is not responsible for any errors caused by the Customer when printing complies with the proof accepted by the Customer. Print production will always proceed only after the Customer has accepted the print, which means that the Customer can be expected to have carefully checked the contents of the electronic print and accept responsibility for the products made or printed on the print.

9. Advertising

Any defects found in the goods shipped must be reported promptly, but no later than 5 working days after delivery. Complaints based on the Customer's failure to comply with print requirements cannot be made. This is especially true for changes due to color profiles when the Customer has submitted materials in the wrong color profiles (CMYK vs RGB, too low resolution (Vector vs Raster)) or the text has not been processed correctly.

10. Liability for Errors

If the supplied product is defective or lacks the agreed upon written feature, Pinpops Ltd alone will decide whether to replace the product with a new one or to correct the defect. If Pinpops Ltd fails to comply with the Customer's reasonable deadline to do so and fails to supply a replacement product or remedy a defect, or if the repair fails, the Customer may either terminate the Agreement or request a price reduction. No other claims can be made by the Customer. Pinpops Ltd is responsible for the replacement product or repairs in the same way as the original delivery. If the product or delivery is partially defective, you can only complain about the defective part. Unless otherwise mandated by law, Customer's claims expire in one year.

11. Liability

Pinpops Ltd shall only be liable for damages resulting from gross negligence or willful misconduct. In other cases, Pinpops Ltd will not be liable for any damages other than the product itself, in particular, no loss of profit or any other loss caused to the Customer. Pinpops Ltd shall be liable for negligent or intentional personal injury in accordance with the mandatory provisions of law. As far as Pinpops Ltd is concerned, its liability to its employees, agents, subcontractors and other assistants is also excluded.

12. Ownership, Archiving and Copyright

The printing equipment manufactured or used by Pinpops Ltd to fulfill orders is the property of Pinpops Ltd. Digital information and other reusable materials, as well as semi-finished and finished products, will not be stored beyond the time of delivery or delivered to the Customer. The products of Pinpops Ltd are manufactured only according to the information provided by the Customer and Pinpops Ltd does not influence their contents. You warrant that you have all rights to the information, texts and images to be used, re-assigned and published. The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the rights of third parties are not infringed and that printed materials do not violate applicable laws. The Customer shall release Pinpops Ltd from liability in the event of third party claims arising out of any infringement of its rights, in particular copyright.

13. Reservation of title

Pinpops Ltd reserves the title to all the products it supplies until the purchase price of the contract in question is fully paid. If the Customer is a trader, title is retained until all claims of Pinpops Ltd in the commercial relationship between the Customer and the Customer have been fully paid.

14. References and archived templates

Pinpops Ltd may use the manufactured products as an example ("References") of the technical characteristics of the products, printing methods and manufacturing possibilities for subsequent Customers. Reference copies of products made to order from Customers will not be transferred to third parties, Pinpops Ltd retains title and copyrights to the references and additional templates, and copyrights to the original Customer. If the Customer wishes to prohibit the Customer from presenting to the Customer a manufactured product as a reference for the manufacturing method of that product, the Customer may prohibit the use at any time during or after the order. If Customer expressly authorizes the use of the order as a reference, then any subsequent prohibition of use as a reference will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The Customer is not entitled to any compensation for a product that has been referred to as a manufacturing method or printing method.

15. Payment due, set-off, withholding

Unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation, the total purchase price of the order (value added tax) shall be due and payable immediately after the conclusion of the contract (receipt of the order confirmation). Bank charges are borne by the Customer. The Customer is entitled to use only unchallenged or legally valid counterclaims for set-off. The Customer shall have the right to refrain from performance only if he has a counter-claim under the same contract.

16. Applicable law, jurisdiction, nullity of the contract

The terms of the agreement and all legal relations between Pinpops Ltd and the Customer are governed by Finnish law. Unless otherwise required by mandatory law, the court of domicile of Pinpops Ltd shall be the court of law, but Pinpops Ltd shall also have the right to sue the Customer in all other competent courts. The partial invalidity or nullity of the terms of the agreement or other agreement between the parties shall not affect the binding nature of the other terms of the agreement or agreement.

B. Product Provider Information

The products featured on Pinpops.eu, eu.Pins24.com, and Badgestock.eu websites are provided by

Pinpops Ltd
Hernepellontie 11
00710 Helsinki

Place of Jurisdiction: Helsinki

Business ID 2538775-8
European Union: +358-20-740-1450
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2. Information on the processing of personal data

Pinpops Ltd will use the personal information you provide (such as name, address, contact information) and payment method information of your choice to complete the contract and complete the delivery. The parties responsible for transport shall receive the information necessary for the transport.

If you have consented, we will also use the information to target advertising to new products or other changes in our product range. You may revoke your consent at any time. You will also have the opportunity to review the information we register with us and may be changed or removed from the registry if necessary. You will not incur any expenses for this. To safeguard Customer information, we require a personal visit to our office to verify the identity of the person requesting the information. We comply with the Personal Data Act (523/24/1999). The Privacy Statement in accordance with section 10 of the Personal Data Act can be found in the section entitled here.

3. Product Data Sheet

You can access and print the product you have selected and created through an electronic print or product-specific product page. Prices are individually specified for the product you choose. You can obtain a preliminary and non-binding offer by submitting a request for quotation and including all relevant information about the offer product.

4. Conclusion of the contract

The agreement between you and Pinpops Ltd is that you first select and create the products for yourself. Once your customized product has been completed, you can place an order by emailing us with the order details and materials electronically. If you notice an error in the processing of your information, you have the opportunity to correct the error by sending us an instant notice of the error before you place your order. When you receive an order confirmation, a binding order is created for you. The receipt of your order will be confirmed to you without delay upon receipt of the order and acceptance of its contents. An agreement will be made when we accept your order and send you an order confirmation email.

5. Payment and Delivery

Payment and shipping details are up to you to choose your payment and shipping method. If you choose to prepay, we will process your order after we have received all necessary payment information, such as a receipt or proof of payment. If you choose billing afterwards, we reserve the right to verify the subscriber's credit history. Delivery of the business ID is then essential for the order to proceed. The production and delivery time will depend on the product selected and the production time will not be counted until you have accepted the electronic print for the product to be identified. Delivery time for stock items on invoice will generally start on the order day or the next business day if the order arrives by 3 pm on weekdays. We deliver the products primarily to business addresses. Deliveries abroad must be arranged separately. For overseas shipments we use only FedEx or UPS shipping companies on our own agreement, we do not deliver products against the Customer's agreement.

6. Information on the right of withdrawal for products to be printed

Pinpops Ltd sells print personalized products, which are manufactured according to the information and materials provided by the Customer, according to the Customer's order. Therefore, this is not a revocable distance or other sale within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act (20.1.1978 / 38). There is no statutory right to cancel any trade made with Pinpops Ltd for individually manufactured or modified products.

7. Liability for defects and warranty

Products should be inspected promptly upon receipt to detect any defects. If errors are found, they must be reported to Pinpops Ltd in writing without delay, for example by e-mail. Any claim must be made no later than 7 days after delivery of the product, and any subsequent claim will not be accepted. Pinpops Ltd shall be liable for errors in accordance with the terms of the contract and the mandatory law, no other warranty is given.

8. Promotional and Exceptional Prices

Pinpops Ltd can organize promotional campaigns and various promotional pricing. We reserve the right to change the duration, content and terms of the offers. The promotion may also be terminated before the indicated date if Pinpops Ltd so decides. Changing your campaign bidding will not retroactively change existing orders that have already been placed; the promotional bid will remain in effect. Certain products or services may be excluded from promotional pricing. For example, when promoting free shipping, exceptional courier deliveries (such as Bring, Jetpak, FedEx) are not covered by the campaign. Even more valuable individual production methods can be excluded from promotional campaigns, for example, in the manufacture of pins, the pin mold is not included in the promotional items unless specifically mentioned. The content of promotional campaigns cannot be applied to pre-campaign orders.

9. Customer Service

Contact our Customer service by phone on any of our Customer Service phone numbers on weekdays from 8am to 16pm (GMT+2). You can also contact us through the contact page via email.
European Union: +358-20-740-1450
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