Printed Doming Pins

Custom printed metal pin with a clear epoxy doming

Custom shape and a full-color print, topped with a clear epoxy doming effect

Economical production method for custom made pins, printed doming pin is the most popular advertising pin

Printed metal pins with custom shape

Our standard printed pin is manufactured in custom shape, with your logo or a design printed directly on the metal surface. To protect the print, and highlight the details, a clear hard epoxy doming is added.

Epoxy doming pins

The clear liquid epoxy is cast directly onto the metal surface. Once it hardens, the epoxy doming creates a lenticular effect, highlighting the details of your design.

Custom printed backing card

Epoxy doming pins, or printed pins with a transparent lens can be delivered with a custom printed card.

The full-color printed backing card is inserted into an OPP-bag with your pin attached onto the card. Use the card to create a more attractive product, by including the doming pin design into your card design.

Fast production time

Our standard production time for custom printed doming pins is approximately two to three weeks. For a rush order, we have several options available to cut corners and speed up the turnaround time.

Printed Doming Pins - Price List

Pin size 100 pcs 300 pcs 500 pcs 1000+ pcs
< 15mm Contact us
15mm 1,15 € 0,66 € 0,44 € 0,38 €
20mm 1,19 € 0,71 € 0,50 € 0,43 €
25mm 1,26 € 0,72 € 0,57 € 0,47 €
> 25mm Contact us

Price includes standard butterfly clutch attachment. Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Additional Products & Services
Rush production in 2 weeks +100% to list prices
Packaging in acrylic gift boxes 0,25 € / pcs
Magnetic attachment 0,39 € pcs
Printing set-up charges
1-color charge 40,00 €
2-color charge 60,00 €
3-color charge 75,00 €
4-color charge
or offset-printing
95,00 €

Repeat order at 50% set up charge

Attachment options

Below are the most common lapel pin attachment options — combination of different attachments is possible