EcoSign Name Badge

We create EcoSign using birch trees from the forests of Finland

Sustainably managed forests in Finland are the source of our beatifully crafted wooden name tags

The most ecological choice of identification in retail, we manufacture EcoSign name badges mainly from birch trees

Wooden name badges are unique

An ecological choice that can easily be combined with a themed look. EcoSign wooden name badges are manufactured by laser engraving or printing according to the desired result. The wooden name badge is a true example of craftsmanship, each wooden EcoSign badge is unique and different.

Wooden badges can be delivered pre-branded or they can be equipped with a ready-made line by engraving, to point the correct place for personalization using Dymo label printer or a pen. Name badges are made in our own production in Helsinki, Finland, so this is a genuine Finnish sample of craftsmanship. You can order wooden name badges with the fastener, customization, print and finish you want, such as varnished, oiled or stained.

Attachment according to application

EcoSign wooden name badges are supplied with needle mount unless you choose the separately priced two-piece magnetic attachment. The advantage of the magnet on the needle is that the magnet does not break the textiles because the magnet's counter piece attaches inside the garment.

EcoSign wooden badges can be finished with clear or colored lacquer, matt lacquer, stained or oiled. In most models, the back is varnished to ensure the fasteners are secure. The most popular mounting options are needle and magnetic.

If you wish to have specially finished EcoSign name badges, send us a quote and tell us what kind of products you require.

EcoSign name badge is unique; not one looks like each other because it is a genuine natural material. Higher than usual price consists of a large number of handcrafted steps.

Things to note about wooden nameplates

Because all EcoSign badges are made from 100% wood, completely genuine natural material, every badge is different. The laser engraving has a different print quality, and the result on the signs is unique. There will not be two of the same badges on your order.

Order a sample first

To avoid any surprises, you should contact our sales representative and order a sample of the EcoSign name badge. If you place an order, accept the print, and after that, you are not satisfied with the result, the order cannot be canceled, and individually manufactured products cannot be returned.

Highly renewable natural material

EcoSign wooden name badges are made from genuine bamboo, the fastest renewable genuine wood material. Bamboo is a fast-growing, wood-like material that has grown to its full size in just five years. Mostly, other types of trees grow to full size in 30-120 years. When the bamboo is harvested, 4-7 new trees grow from its roots without replanting.

EcoSign Wooden Namebadges - Price list

Namebadge model Printing or laser 1-9 pcs 10-24 pcs 25-49 pcs 50-99 pcs 100-199 pcs 200+ pcs
3"x1.2" (75x30mm)
Plywood (Birch)
CMYK+White 8,00 € 6,50 € 5,50 € 4,50 € 4,00 €
3.1"x2" (80x50mm)
Plywood (Birch)
9,00 € 7,00 € 6,00 € 5,00 € 4,50 €
3"x1" (75x25mm)
Black stained
birch plywood
10,00 € 8,00 € 7,00 € 5,90 € 5,25 €
3.1"x2" (80x50mm)
Black stained
birch plywood
12,00 € 10,00 € 8,90 € 7,40 € 6,85 €
2.35"x1" (60x25mm)
CMYK+White 12,00 €
9,90 €
8,90 €
7,90 €
6,90 €
For over 200 pcs
get a quotation
3"x1.2" (75x30mm)
13,00 €
10,40 €
9,40 €
8,40 €
7,40 €
Custom size
Any shape
Laser cut
Get a quote

Price includes pin or two-part name badge magnet attachment. The print is always in full color. Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Standard or mini two part magnet 0,85 €
Pin attachment 0,00 €
Printed language flags directly on badge
Additional charge per product
0,80 €
Flag stickers for badges (10 per sheet) 4,95 €
Dymo Labelmanager 160P 59,00 €
Dymo Labelmanager 120P 39,00 €
Express production in 2-4 working days +50%

*Standard production time approximately 2 weeks from digital proofing.

Printing set-up charges
CMYK Full-color printing charge 20,00 €
Screen printing in Pantone® color 80,00 €
Laser engraving set-up charge 80,00 €

Re-orders at -50% from normal list prices

Name badge accessories

Below is a list of the most common accessories available for this product

Name badge magnet Pinpops
Small name badge magnet Pinpops
Button magnet for light weight products
Magnetic clip
Small name badge magnet Neutral
Safety pin attachment

Ready to order EcoSign name badges?

Send us an order by email, include logo and other necessary files to receive free digital proof!