Easy Writer Name Badge

Plastic name badge with the metal coating and an easy-to-use naming window

Easy Writer makes identification easy

Easy Writer name badges come with a small window for easy self-labeling. Easy-to-use, metal-backed name badge with plastic body.

Easy Writer, combination of metal and plastic

Easy Writer name badges have a plastic body that makes the product lightweight. The metallic plating on the front of the name tag allows for impressive and durable printing, either in silkscreen or digital full-color printing, allowing the entire front surface of the name badge to be printed edge to edge by way of sublimation.

Select a suitable model

There are three base colors to choose from, silver, gold, and white. The white version can be sublimation printed across the whole surface of the sign. The printing is done by sublimation to the metal, resulting in glossy, saturated color and a true edge-to-edge with no visible base.

The printing can be done in a silver and gold design directly on the metal surface or with a special lens sticker.

The lens sticker is printed on a sticker material that has a liquid curing polyurethane lens on the surface. Without the lens sticker, printing can be done directly on the metal surface of the name badge in full color.

Easy Writer name tags are supplied with a magnetic mount by default. Behind the name badge is a two-piece badge magnet with a counter piece placed inside the shirt or blouse, so you don't have to break the clothing with a needle clip.

Storage box for name badges

If you wish, you can also order a stylish tin retro-style name badge storage box, where it is easy for the wearer to keep his name tag fresh when not in clothing.

Depending on the printing process, Easy Writer name badges will have a production time of 2 weeks after the print has been approved.

Easy Writer Namebadges - Price list

Namebadge model Printing 10 pcs 25 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs 200 pcs 300 pcs 400+
2.8"x1.5" (72 x 38mm)
Window 2.44"x0.5"
62 x 12mm
CMYK+White 10,00 € 7,00 € 5,90 € 5,00 € 4,50 € 4,00 € Get a quote
Doming sticker
CMYK Full-color
10,00 € 7,00 € 5,90 € 5,00 € 4,50 € 4,00 €
Sublimation printing
CMYK full front
20,00 € 14,00 € 12,00 € 10,00 € 9,00 € 8,00 €

Price includes pin or two-part name badge magnet attachment. The print is always in full color. Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Standard or mini two part magnet 0,00 €
Pin attachment 0,00 €
Printed language flags directly on badge
Additional charge per product
0,80 €
Flag stickers for badges (10 per sheet) 4,95 €
Microfiber cleaning cloth for badges
Specifically for mirror finish badges badges
0,25 €
Vintage tin box storage case for badges
Includes free microfiber cleaning cloth
1,00 €
Dymo Labelmanager 160P 59,00 €
Dymo Labelmanager 120P 39,00 €
Express production in 3 working days +50%
Express production in 1-2 working days +100%

*Standard production time approximately 5 business days from digital proofing.

Printing set-up charges
CMYK Full-color printing charge
Includes doming printing
20,00 €
Screen printing in Pantone® color 80,00 €
Sublimation printing set-up charge 55,00 €
Printing charge for physical sample
Non-refundable charge
40,00 €

Re-orders at -50% from normal list prices

Artwork instructions
Not yet available for this product

Name badge accessories

Below is a list of the most common accessories available for this product

Name badge magnet Pinpops
Small name badge magnet Pinpops
Button magnet for light weight products
Magnetic clip
Small name badge magnet Neutral
Safety pin attachment

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