Plastic visitor badges

Made from durable PVC-plastic, these visitor cards and ID-cards provide a long-lasting solution for identification

Visitor cards and plastic name tags

Produced into the standard of a common credit card, our visitor passes and access cards are made combining digital and offset printing for optimum print quality

Genuine plastic business cards and visitor cards

Nameplates printed on PVC are manufactured in an offset quality with precision sheeting. Thanks to our own product development, a genuine plastic card with a high-quality printing quality is the best choice for naming when durability is required.

PVC plastic nameplates, visitor cards and your favorite product for multi-day events are printed in large sheets. Regardless of the printing method, the cards can be identified at the printing stage and remain within the outer layer of plastic. Unlike standard cards printed with a card printer, the production method we use makes the card look much long-lasting and of better quality.

Also, the print resolution of the print captures the print output of any card printer.

Speed ​​when you need it

We produce genuine plastic cards printed on PVC, starting from just one working day. In sheet printing, it is also possible to attach an RFID chip to the card as well, which becomes part of the plastic card structure. The chip remains inside the plastic layers of the card at the core of the card and does not appear on the card. In normal production, genuine plastic and visitor cards are printed with a production time of about 1-2 weeks.

Name individualization, sequential serial numbers, barcodes, and other identification can be done either at the printing stage or later as needed.

PVC plastic cards, thickness 0.8mil - Price list

Model Printing Properties 100 pcs 300 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2000 pcs 3000+
3.375" x 2.125"
85 x 54 mm
CMYK Onesided
Personalized texts only
2,52 €
1,47 €
0,86 €
0,63 €
0,49 €

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Double sided
Personalized texts only
7,51 € 4,34 € 2,40 € 1,76 € 1,38 €

Standard pricing includes free personalization, rounded corners, round hole or metal grommet. Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Wide oval hang tag hole 0,05 €
Individual attachment placement 0,25 €
Attachment + alphabetized order 0,44 €
Two part magnetic badge attachment 0,78 €
Comboclip with pin 0,45 €
Alphabetized & shrink wrapped
Delivery in alphabetized order
0,20 € € / pcs
Name badge trays
Display cases for conference badges
Buy online
Delivery in 4-7 working days +30%
Delivery in 1-3 working days +50%

*Standard production time approximately 2 weeks from approval of proof

Printing set-up charges
Printing set up charge 50,00 €
Graphic design for badges
Contact us for quotation
from 30,00 €

High-quality digital printing with Xerox

We produce all of our event badges using the very latest Xerox digital printing production. Xerox digital printing produces a smooth, crisp and matte finish that could surpass the quality of offset-printing.

Tips for event badge buyer

With good preparation you can speed up the production of your conference badges

Printing in days, not weeks

Supply the artwork as soon as you can, even before the list of attendees to speed up the processing

Personalization and data

Provide the list of attendees in an Excel with each participant in their own field to speed up alphabetizing for print

Free digital proof

We will create a digital proof of every bespoke order before proceeding to the production