Artwork Instructions

You will find most of the graphic instructions and requirements directly on the product page. Go to the product page, scroll past Price List and see "Artwork Instructions". If a product is missing artwork instructions, follow these guidelines to create artwork.

General information (3)

Preferred file format

We ask you to supply most artwork in PDF file format. If Pantone® colors are required, include those colors in your artwork. Most of the printing is done under CMYK, CMYK+, or CMYK+White color space. If the white color is used, supply your artwork with a separate layer (or separate file) with a white layer in any Spot color. We will take care of creating the necessary base white layer for products that might require base white color to reproduce artwork colors correctly.

Please remember that files supplied in the wrong file format or the wrong color space, such as RGB colors, we can't take any responsibility if the required color conversion does not produce desired results.

File format chart
Sublimation Printing and color difference

If you order sublimation printed products, such as custom neck gaiter or full-color printed lanyards, and require Pantone® matching, it is important to understand that the color is never an exact match. While Pantone® printing is a single color paint, Sublimation printing is a combination of four different colors as small dots. We can get close to the desired Pantone® color, but you should not expect what is technically not possible.

If you place a re-order of sublimation printed products, and it has been a long time since the previous order, the production files might not exist anymore. There may be minor differences between the initial order and a re-order product.

Artwork (4)

Where do I find artwork instructions?

Most of the instructions are available in a PDF file format directly from the product page. Go to the product page, scroll past Price List and see "Artwork Instructions". If a product is missing artwork instructions, follow these guidelines to create artwork.

How to supply graphics?

If your artwork is a small file size, under 5 megabytes, you can send it directly as an email. For a very large file, we recommend using service.

PDF files

When you create artwork, do not password protect the PDF - we have to be able to access your graphics before printing. Convert text to paths (right click, "Convert to Path" or "Outlines"), include all pictures ("Embed") and do not add any of the "Printer's marks" to the file.

I cannot create the artwork...

Don't worry! We can help you create the graphics necessary to produce your custom printed order. If you have a logo, send that to us and let us know what colors you wish to use or any other remarks regarding the desired result. Our in-house art department will create the artwork for you.

Proofing and samples (4)

Electronic proofing

All custom printed orders get a free digital proof before printing production. We try to simulate the finished product with a digital proof and show you a preview of a finished printing on a product. Digital proofing is not a representation of final product colors that may differ from the on-screen proof.

Changes and modifications

Modifications are the reason for digital proofing. With a digital preview of a final product, you will see how the print looks like a finished product.

When you receive a link to our online proofing service, you will be asked to either approve or reject the proof. Once you have reviewed the proof, use the buttons available on our proofing system to let us know if we should print or expect new artwork files from you. If we have created the artwork for you, you can easily leave a modification request through our artwork department's online system.

Free digital proof

Every order is digitally proofed before printing production. Proofing is free for all customers. If you wish to get free proof, place an order, and we'll get started from there!

— Large artwork files should be supplied through service